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Conversation Between Yuuchun and ~Shobu~

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  1. Your having both of our character stick together? LOL how cute -pinches your cheeks-
  2. Shush -sulks in a corner-
  3. Careful there. You might hurt yourself before we get anywhere with our little plan, haha. :P
  4. >:] Mwuhauahuahuhau -cackles and then chokes- u___u;
  5. How frightening o.o
  6. You better your character's life depends on that.
  7. Ahaha, understood! Scout's honor!
  8. Yesshhhhhhh fufufufu >:3 Just don't leave me hanging later on or Jin shall be eating Anja ALIVE!
  9. Oooo, I like~ Lez doo eet! XD
  10. =O A steamy love relationship between a beast and a human? D:<
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