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Conversation Between Yuuchun and Kiss of Death

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  1. Ah yeah thanks for the rep...well you can make something up for your character. Invent a back story drop or something like that!
  2. I did read that, but I guess I need to read EVERYTHING. Still, thank you, you're welcome for rep, I regret nothing

    (I start to feel like my character is boring )
  3. Well I am not sure if you saw my post in the OOC thread, but nothing much really happened it's pretty much just getting to know each other and learning new magic and what not. And yes and yes.
  4. The truth is I was too lazy and tired to read all 3 pages of long posts, so I'll try to read them later or just go with the flow.. Thank you anyway. I know hades. Greek mythology thing, right? Brother of Dzeus?
  5. If you are confused just do a quick wiki search about Hades and I think you will understand better.
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