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Conversation Between Yuuchun and AshureeChan

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  1. Haha I see. Well I guess I'll find out when I get there.
  2. I was like that too until the fillers got ridiculously pointless.
  3. (I'm on episode 117) I would but I can't D: lol I get mad at myself if I skip episodes.
    I even watched ALL 8 OF The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's "Endless Eight" series.
    In case you don't know what that is, it's basically they get stuck in a time warp and relive the same day like 14,000 times or something ridiculous and it spans out over eight episodes of them reliving the same day. Yeahhh and I watched them all.... in between two days... I'm crazy XD
  4. For Naruto forget about finishing the last 100 episodes. They are just pointless fillers and you should just skip to the Shippunden series.
  5. My dad's just strange, I learn to deal with it lol
    I would't know I haven't watched many older anime except Cowboy Bebop and Boys Over Flowers.
    Yeah, I understand. I watch Bleach still because I really like it and I'm late to the Naruto parade I still haven't finished the original series XD
  6. I personally think it's wrong to be censoring things like anime unless you know your watching things that can be harmful.
    I think anime has just lost its luster for me...anime now a days is nothing as good as the oldies were.
    And the ones that are slightly more respectable lose their luster once they become mega popular like Bleach and Naruto.
  7. Lol yeah, him lol I don't much about Portuguese so I'll take your word
    I never watched any when I was little, my dad is against anime so I wasn't allowed to watch Pokemon lol weiiird right?!
    I love Claymore, Bleach, and Naruto I've watched a lot of stuff lol I'm currently hooked on Fairy Tail and D.Gray-man is my favorite ^_^
    Hmmmm I haven't watched any dramas lol
  8. Your probably referring to Pedro...he's from Portugal so it will be a tad bit different from the Portuguese I speak. It's like British English and American English...
    Hm~ My childhood favorites are Saint Seiya, Gundam, Pokemon, Sakura Cardcaptors, and Sailor Moon.
    But my current favorite is Claymore but I also like Bleach and Naruto...I have honestly stopped watching things in a days I am either watching concerts or dramas.
  9. Haha yeah :P
    yeah it is :/
    Awesome! That makes two people I know on here that speak Portuguese lol
    Haha MANLY chairs xD
    So this IS, what anime do you like?
  10. Yeah...still one more word versus just one XD and yes I am lazy like that.
    I guess its true...well making mistakes in anything is annoying~
    LOL because they like their seats to be macho manly XDDD
    Portuguese ^^
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