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Conversation Between Yuuchun and battousai_ryuu

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  1. Ahaha well it's surely more realistic than grade school but its far too lenient compared to say your job career after graduation.
    Yeah~ Pretty much...but then again college student these days have to think more than just "Can I do this forever" type of questions. Now a days you have to think whether there's a job market for you major, how much it earns, the stability and if it will be present in the coming years. That's honestly a big hurdle for me and hence why I don't really know my major anymore.
    Well ESL teacher was before middle school...when I got into middle school and later high school I got into visual arts.
    Well not exactly for example my English teacher at my Uni actually gets paid to go get his Ph D at my school.
    Yeah...I thought I was flexible till I did Yoga...I guess I was only flexible where Tae Kwon Do required me to be flexible XD
  2. Yeah! I have a wedding to go to on the that Sunday. Should be a great time.
    Pfffft. Tomorrow is to far in the future for my liking.
    Wait, the Uni isn't in the real world?!?! I don't ever wanna leave then. I heard the real world is a big, scary and mean place.
    I think it's pretty hard to know for certain what you want to do as a major in college until the pressure is actually on you. Then you know if you won't mind doing this forever. That's just me though :/
    ESL teacher? Why the change of heart?
    Yeah, a PhD scares the crap out of me. It's soooooooooo much money and time @[email protected] I'm already an old man. I don't know that I have that in me unless I really really love it that much.
    xD No one expects Yoga to be all that hard. It also depends on which type of yoga but I agree with you 100% I'd rather do the Tang Soo Do workout for two hours than the hour of Yoga xD
  3. Ahahaha if there's any consolation Labor day weekend is coming up soon.
    Yeah~ It's actually quite scary...I remember when I was in 1st grade and looked at the High schoolers and use to think "That's far far into the future..."
    Now its like holy shiz I am graduating soon from Uni and will be going into the real world -__-;
    I see...before I entered Uni I also wanted to become a teacher...more specifically an ESL teacher. Now a days I am just sort of lost XD
    Well after you do graduate school and perhaps wanting to do your Ph D teaching will be a requirement XD not an option.
    That's good to hear~ I did some yoga while practicing Tae Kwon Do and it's hard...LOL I told my instructor I rather do his Push up extravaganza than do his Yoga workout.
  4. Always, I'll be on vacation before I know it. Just have to kill myself with work and school first but it will be worth while.
    A year or two? When you think about it that's not so far away.
    Calc is never fun. I just enjoy the challenge. I've always debated about becoming a teacher and I thought this would be a great time to see if that is something I would like to do with my life.
    It's great experience and I get paid to do it. How great is that?
    Harta is a type of Yoga that focuses on flexibility, stamina and breathing. I took it last semester not knowing if I'd like it and turned out to love it. I feel so good after the session.
    I'll be teaching precalc level one.
  5. Anyone in vacation can use another week or two XD
    -sigh- Nobody does...I just hope I can graduate in a year or two.
    I am not sure about College Calc but when I took AB Calculus in HS it sure wasn't. -shudders- Oh~ The fun I had in that class -sarcasm-
    Harta Yoga what's that? Oh what are you teaching?
    And crazyyyyy @[email protected]
  6. My vacation was awesome. I really enjoyed myself. It was a shame I had to come home so soon. I really could have used another week.
    Yeah the sleepless nights and pure crazyness are coming @[email protected] I don't look forward to that part one bit.
    PreCalc was fun. My friends have shown me some Calc and it seems easier than precalc. I think it's more about rules and limits then anything else.
    Sounds like a fun semester. Those are all classes I'd like to take.
    This semester I've got Precalc II, General Physics, Harta Yoga and then about 15-20 hours a week will be eaten up with the teaching job @[email protected]
    It's gonna be busy but fun.
  7. How was your vacation in Austin? definitely not that means sleepless nights and crazy schedules all over again.
    Surprisingly Pre cal is the only part of math that I ever liked...anything after Pre cal is just PURE torture.
    This semester I have Intermediate Japanese, World Geology, Physical Geology and World History to 16th century and its respective labs. And you?
  8. Ah, don't worry about the late reply. I was just on vacation in Texas and I didn't have time to check AF once.
    Excited about school starting up again? I know I'm not @[email protected]
    It'll be cool to student teach Precalc though. It's great experience.
    What classes are you lined up for this semester?
  9. Sorry it took me so long~ I got sick for a week...
    >_<; But I guess the scariest one are the ones that go on your's like a giant needle going down your head.
    LOL you should check some of the animals that live there...such as the Candiru fish XD
    Well I guess it's due to human nature to wonder what's out there and are we alone in the Universe.
    I wouldn't be surprised since most of their stuff goes well into the millions of dollars.
  10. Oh yes, finger tips hurt. So goes the tendon behind the knee. Actually there are alot of painful spots ^_^;
    I don't know how to spell half of the stuff I've eaten. I typically leave that up to my mom because she has studied Chinese medicine and is fluent in Chinese.
    It could be pad thai, sounds about right.
    The Amazon....I wouldn't want to go back there without some kind of guide or local. To many ways to die back there xP
    I guess when you live by the Ocean that's true. Anytime I had the chance to the Ocean I would go.
    It's sad to think that we know more about the Moon than we do our Oceans :/
    I remember reading that one year of NASA's budget could fund deep sea exploration for nearly 1000 years.
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