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Conversation Between abyisidro and redtear

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  1. Hey! Planning on sending you a gift this Christmas! Can you pm me your address?
  2. lol im going to be busy soon ^^ (well the more busy i am the better since that will mean im actually doing what im suppose to ;_; lol). But yeah im alright i guess.
  3. Hey! Would've contact you in other social media but you seem busy lately. You okay?
  4. Hey, do you check your facebook account often? Please do so. I want to hear more from you.

    Anyway, im am so sad and quite mad at the same time. I really don't know what to say. But please don't lose hope. I mean, it's mean to say those things with people like you around. I respect you a lot with all those things you mentioned before, even though it didn't mean anything, i meant a lot (especially about your love life) . And for you to lose hope, it really makes me sad. So please don't. and smile just at least for yourself, and for the people around you. Everything's gonna be okay
  5. Hey I just saw a couple of pictures of you on facebook today haha. U seem to be having a lot of fun ^^. Im not doing too well to be honest. There is this girl I really liked. And well it didn't work out so for the past 2 months I've been doing horrible -_-;. And recently a week ago, I found out that she's been talking to these 2 other guys about me and pretty much been telling them all these personal things about me. And even jokes about how she's so cold to me now and how im probably crying reading her messages all day. I don't know, it's pretty horrible all these things she's told them and really humiliating. And she's right, in these past 2 months I've prayed to god and broken down in front of god almost everyday. And then I found this out a week ago, and I just don't know. I wonder if god even listens. And if god does, how can people be so cruel especially when I only had a pure wish to truly make someone smile everyday. I've really lost a lot of hope in this world I guess.
  6. heeeey. how are you?
  7. Exam time is the perfect time to do those things u dont normally do >.>;. I know I dont want to spend my anime and video game time doing those things haha. So dont let this time go to waste :P. And good luck on your exam lol ^^.
  8. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. sem's not yet finished. just had an extra time to say hi. or just using this time to say hi instead of studying for my exam tomorrow. ahahaha
  9. Haha well if u pull a kushal u can not have classes for an entire month or better yet >.>; entire semester lol jk :P. Yeah it becomes really tiring. I know how that feels and u really need a break sometimes. But u know, u get so many more breaks while u're in school then when u're working. So yeah enjoy those school breaks/holidays while u can :P lol. Dont let those nerds >.>; make u feel u have to study during them haha.
  10. 2nd year college. 2 more years before graduation. a year more if i exchange student for a year. so yeah, long way to go. i love school. but sometimes i wish i have no classes for 1 week.
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