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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. i'd prefer winter, even if i haven't experienced one.

    welcome to the philippines where mini skirts are worn all year round. haha. especially in my school (we don't have uniforms which is quite weird here), most girls wear less, even if it's rainy season. hahaha.
    well, unfair life would keep you striving further.
  2. I'd prefer a place to be hot since I've had almost a year of winter. x_x
    And girls wear less during the summer. Hurhurhur. I'm not a perv, honest!
    Well I guess an unfair life is better to bettering yourself in the longrun.
  3. hi. sorry if i replied late, im quite busy lately. anyway, hope you'll enjoy your stay here even though it's so hot. haha.

    thanks. hey, if life is unfair to everyone, then wouldn't it be fair?
  4. Where ever my relatives want us to visit. Lol. I will not by familiar with the area when I get there.

    Hey, you know, you look cute yourself. Don't worry about it. As for me, I do feel like life has been unfair to me before. I was the only filipino american kid in school that felt out of place.
  5. hmm, where do you usually go when you're here?
    see, even girls think she's hot. but if she was a singer or other than cosplayer, she still have fans but not as much. i wish i have a face like hers. haha. but im ok with myself now. haha
  6. Thanks. We will be careful.
    Heheh.. We boys are easy to read. Lol. I am a fan of Alodia because she is smokin hot. But if she was never a cosplayer, and instead something else like a singer, I would never have been a fan.
  7. oh really? ingat kayo. ^^

    i dont know if she has more female fans but i guess girls like her because she's so beautiful and boys like her because she's hot. so it's a tie, i guess. haha
  8. No.. Last time I was in the Philippines was in the 90's. Lol. It's been years. I might go next year because my mom wants to visit with some of the family.
    You are different from my sis.. She likes the spot light.. Like Alodia. Hahah. Speaking of her, do you think she has more female or male fans?
  9. have you been here now? the heat's different from before. :/ haha. i sort of know that the sun is hot. hahaha ))

    i've been given a part as a non-existent in a play before. nobody even noticed i was there. haha. i don't mind though, i dislike people looking at me. hahaha ) well, say good luck to your sis. ^^
  10. I actually know what it's like in the Philippines. Been there for six years before moving here in US. I remember the heat.
    Did you know that the surface of the sun is 5500 C. And the center is 15,000,000 C.

    Yes! I've been in a play in a supporting role.
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