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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. I see. I thought you left AF completely. Glad to see you back.
    I'm enjoying summer. Nothing new as of now.
  2. hi! i am so so sorry for not being able to reply. haha so busy lately. im drowning with papers and stuff to deal with. T.T so how are you?
  3. Look at you.... Looking all Kawaii.
    Why you no talk with meh?! @[email protected]
  4. I don't know why humans release more energy.. I just saw it in a youtube vid once.

    Maybe.. It's funny, we have the same ethnic parents, but mine are stricter.
  5. why would i emit more?

    i already talked about it with my parents; they're ok with it. yey. aww. it's either they don't want you to go away from them or they don't trust you to live on your own in other country. haha
  6. Yep! The sun is mostly hydrogen and helium. Did you know if you were as big as the sun, you will emit more energy into space?

    Foreign exchange huh.. I wanted to do that, but my parents didn't like it. Now that I'm older, I can go to any country and stuff.
  7. hydrogen and helium, hahaha )

    well, i think it's part of their culture to wear those everyday. haha uhh, im just waiting for my grades if it will pass the cut off grade, and i plan to apply scholarship there to study for at least a year. i hope i will pass.
  8. Thanks! Summer is like the sun.. hot all day, everyday. Hydrogen and Helium all day. Lol.

    Yep, Lolitas wander the streets from the pictures I've seen. I don't know that much about japan though. Would you like to go there one day?
  9. wow, that's...that's deep. haha since i can't say anything about summer besides that it's hot, you win. haha

    yeah! but i think japanese wear cosplays everyday. haha. so it's undersood. haha. uhh, we don't have uniform in my school, but we have in high school and elementary school. and i don't like it one bit.
  10. Lol winter is a like a rose. At its peak, it turns the land into a wonderland, but the thorns would be the sub zero temperature. It can be unforgiving if the wind is as cold as ice. I've gotten sick many times during past winter seasons. Lol.

    Like Japan! Girls wear their skirts even on cold days. Heheh. Do you like your uniform?
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