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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. Hey. How are you?
  2. haha. i just want to play whatever i want to play. haha. really? still playing drums?

    ooh, bike here in phils is also bicycle, but since im learning japanese, bike refers to motorcycle. so it's kind of mixed up now when one says bike. haha. i want a mountain bike. hahaha what kind of bike do you want to buy?
  3. Yep.. Adult bunnies are fluffier, but not every kind of bunny are like that. Some adults have thinner fur than babies.

    Do you want to learn every kind of instrument or what?
    I played the drums as a kid.. Heheh.

    I meant a bicycle! I don't wanna learn how to ride a motorized bike.
  4. really? i haven't though they're fluffier. hmm

    well, i just learned how to play bass guitar recently, now i wanted to play drums. haha. hmm. what bike do you mean, bike as bicycle or bike as motorcycle?
  5. They are.. But I like adult bunnies because they are fluffier.

    Oh.. But you look like you are playing a guitar in your profile pic. Well, I hope to get what you want. As for me.. I want to get a new bike.
  6. aww. baby bunnies are cute.

    uhh, i wanted to play drums so im finding someone who can teach me, but i can't find any. i guess i really should focus on my studies. haha. you?
  7. Yep. A baby bunny. I let it go of course, since i like animals.
    So, whatcha been up to?
  8. good luck chasing those. have you ever caught one?
  9. Go out and do something weird? Wut... Lol.
    I do that everyday.. Okay maybe not everyday. But I do some weird things like chase animals that are very rare moving around my neighborhood. They are deer, hares, moose, and coyotes.
  10. it's summer? it's rainy season here. -.- flood everywhere. uggh. anyway, why nothing new? you should go out and do something weird. hahaha
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