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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. Heeey! How are you?
  2. That's a lot of time. Make the most out of it. I can't even go out and travel due to work.
    I've been fine. Watching a lot of le anime.
    I like your picture btw. I really want to visit japan.
  3. heeeeey! i'm still in Japan, but i'll be back in the Philippines in August (almost 4 months left noooo T-T) how are you?

    here's a link for a picture of sakura that i took
  4. Hey my filipino compadre. What's good wiff you?
  5. Merry christmas! What did you do on Christmas?
  6. Last time you were active. Around 1 year ago. Lol.
    Yay. Merri Kurisumasu.
  7. When did we last talk? Two years ago? Hmm. Well, Japan is Japan. Cold and freezing, Cute children and games, animes, and mangas.
  8. Fine. Glad you are doing well. Been a while since we last talked.
    How is Japan?
  9. Hey hisashiburi! i'm in japan now as an exchange student. But am still a filipino. Haha how are you?
  10. You is JAPANESE NAO?
    Oh snap yo.
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