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Conversation Between under the rain and Skylar1

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  1. Me too. D:
  2. well, I hope you feel better soon. ^ ^
  3. xP Mhm. It took me years to get where I am now, and I still have a lot to learn.

    =[ Yeah, it sucks.
  4. that's the plan anyways. lol

    u_u sorry to hear your not feeling well.
  5. =[ I should change that to sick. D:

    Gimp is hard to use, but if you master it you can easily match any Photoshop user.
  6. Eric is well~

    I'm currently about half way through the gimp guide tutorial.

    I noticed your mood is sad. ):
  7. Yello, good sir.

    How are you doing?
  8. hello ^^
  9. Liberalism... I agree in some places and disagree in others. I relate more to it than to Conservativism.
  10. heh.

    well, lucky you, you found the most liberal person on this forum. lol
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