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Conversation Between dango-chan and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Hey! How are you doing? :3
  2. Glad you liked, so kind of you
    As more than 10 people said the same I'm starting to think it really is kinda good for a first time
  3. Thanks! Nice poem you got there. :3
  4. And btw your new avatar is simply awesome

    Good too, watching Elfen Lied right now.
    Btw, would you like to read my poem? If so here it goes:
  5. Thanks! I found it on Pixiv. :3 I'm good, How about you? :3
  6. Love your profile background
    So, how have you been lately?
  7. She's cute, indeed
  8. Konata's so cute.. She's my favorite character. She's an Otaku. :3
  9. Ah ah
    She wants to hug me! xD
  10. Yeah, I really like them. The only thing that isn't normal about them is how cute all the characters are!!
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