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Conversation Between dango-chan and SatanicPitchfork

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  1. Cool... I love Borderlands and Journey, too... They're some of my favorites. Favorite anime? :3
  2. Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Journey, Killing Floor, Crysis 2, Half-life 2, Borderlands, Spec Ops: The Line, to name a few xD
  3. I'm good... So.... What's some your favorite video games? :3
  4. Well, good.

    Me and Julius(Sighanide) live together in a small apartment, so its usually awkward inviting friends over.
    Julius is busy with work, but when e have time we do fun stuff together(i.e. card games, playing video games together, watch anime together) and we used to play some sports together, but thats a bit difficult when one player can't run xD. but anyways, how are you doing?
  5. Oh! Nice to meet you! :3 Sorry about your leg... '^' How are you doing besides that? :3
  6. You know Sighanide, right. Im his one legged little bro :/
  7. Hello. I don't believe we have met before... How are you? :3
  8. Hello :3
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