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Conversation Between dango-chan and ~*Red*~

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  1. It's okay - it doesn't worry me
  2. ...Sorry that reply was so long... I ramble a lot of times. =w=;
  3. Sorry for replying so late... My day hasn't been too bad. I've been busy watching my little brother tonight... I don't know if I should stay up longer to wait for my Dad to get home or just go to sleep... My little brother's sleeping on the couch for the meantime... I'm kind of scared that he's going to wake up and tear the place apart, though... At this point, I'll probably only be getting about 6 or 5 hours to sleep. I've gotten used to only getting about that much sleep, though. I always go to bed so late, so that's probably the hardest part of school for me... Keeping any kind of schedule... =w=
  4. I am well Dango *hug* how has your day been? :3
  5. Hello! Thanks for the friend request! How are you? :3
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