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Conversation Between Raniyukibrown and Senjou_Akira

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  1. huhuhu slr, i've been good lately, trying to keep up with the hectic schedule, so how are you? XDD
  2. I've been good lol, months later I'm back on. I've been writing and than I remembered AF so I was like let's go back on. So how r u?
  3. lol how have you been? sorry i've been busy for a while XDD
  4. hey im on finally again
  5. oh cool u draw , nm ive been writing bein miss lazy went to arizona a couple days ago just got bac
  6. hey, sorry for the late rep. i was having AF as good sacrifice until easter lol but i'll be active now as usual XD
    as for now, my interest in drawing is coming back ^^ whatabout you?
  7. anyway wuts up with u wut have u been doin lately
  8. ell i hope u do well with learnin Guitar i give u my luck
  9. ik they drive me insane
    i would love 2 learn how to play guitar but i want 2 learn how to play th violin 2 lol poor fingers
  10. lol that's hilarious
    i'm currently learning how to play the guitar, it's fun though it hurts my fingertips a little XD
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