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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. By drawing out I mean I take my time watching them xD I don't literallly draw them out lol
    I sometimes do that with manga though...I'll select my favourite moments and attempt to draw them in my sketchbook.
    Pharmaceutical science? That sounds really fun I love Chemistry and Biology, so I think I'd enjoy that kind of course...why are you thinking of giving up?
    I'm doing Biomedicine at uni starting this excited I've still got to wait for my exam results though.
  2. You're welcome, thanks as well
    I'm at college, in the pharmaceutical ciences course but I'll give up on it
    What about you?

    So, tell me more about you drawing out episodes, seems really nice
  3. Thanks You too!
    So are you still in school atm?
  4. Yeah, I understand you, I really have careful to user the code to prevent that to happen
    Well, with me it depends, but even having AF lately I use to watch about 8 or 10 episodes a day, more or less.
    You draw out the episodes? :P

    That seems really interesting And you seem a great fun as well, take care!!
  5. With long animes I cannot go onto forums and discuss them very often as people put up spoilers and it really annoys me! Wow, that's a lot of anime episodes. Usually I can't watch more than three a day, as I have work to do and my parents get annoyed thinking I'm reclusive! I also like to draw out the episodes and cherish each one...I suppose that's why I get so upset when a series finishes!
  6. Well, as soon as I have AF I don't watch that much, but when I had time and when I had only classes in the afternoon I saw (much more than once) over 20 episodes of Naruto Shippuuden xD
    Ah ah, why do you it's daunting? :P I like the already completed animes since I don't have to wait an entire week (and sometimes are two lol) for a single manga chapter but for the opposite can't speculate any more about it, so both advantages and disadvantages as everything else :P

    One Piece is:
    - 19/20 or 20/20 when you like long and complex plots, which a lot of action, great characters, etc
    - 0/20 or 1/20 when you deslike long animes :P
  7. LOL You watch anime way faster than I do by the sounds of it I tend not to watch animes which are ongoing as it's quite daunting to watch all the episodes, but I'm almost caught up with Bleach.
    With Naruto there is a lot of character development I suppose, wheras in Death Note we don't really learn much about the history of the characters; which in the case of L adds to the mystery.
    I haven't watched One Peice, so I can't really discuss that!
  8. So for me Death Note is AWESOME Raito vs L. is really a full-brain battle, very interesting and the plot, as I say again, is completely different from any other series I've watched before, so taht way is really interesting, also kinda challenging :P

    I don't like when anime doesn't follow much the manga but I'll definetely give it a try to Fruits Basket, just don't know how soon will it be! xP
  9. No, I indeed think Death Note already starts 80% speed! :P In the end of the 1st episode Ryuuku already shows up! And in the 2nd L. is already revealed, though its identity is still uncovered, and the Kira case already starts.
    And in the end of the 3rd Raito has killed a lot of people and Ryuuku told him those 2 differences between humans and Shinigami.
    I'm starting episode 9 just now and in those past 8 episodes a LOT of things have happenned!! (if not I'd be already pissed off since they are only 37 lol)
    Comparing with other animes, per example, at ep 8 in Naruto the Team-7 was still fighting Kakashi and at 8 of One Piece still jsut starting and at 8 of Inuyasha Inu and Kagome were still alone.
  10. I agree that Death Note starts off kind of slow, but once L is involved it begins to pick up the pace
    I like to watch one Shonen and one Shojo at the same time...I'm strange like that xD
    For example, I watched Naruto and Ouran High School Host Club at the same time. I've now finished both (well, I'm waiting for Naruto episodes).
    Regarding Fruits Basket, I prefer the manga, but the anime is good in addition to the manga; it doesn't follow the story as accurately.
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