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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Yeah...I suppose so :P What are you planning on doing in your year off then? Job?
  2. No, here average for law is about 14/15 out of 20, while medicine is over 18 (talking for Lisbon, but for the rest of the country averages for medicine are almost all above 18.3 and for law I don't know)

    Guess that's cool as well :P So many years only talking about medicine... having already lost 2 years attempting to get on it and this year having being on a course that, despite good in terms of professional perspectives I don't link... only being able to go for law next year... life can be kinda harsh on you sometimes
  3. Really? In the UK it's almost as competitive to get into Law as it is to get into Medicine!
    That's cool
  4. Getting the grades for law is really really easy, indeed I'll certainily be one of the portuguese stuends applying it with the best grades, just s*** I cannot apply for it this years since they changed the rules for exames
    I' guess I'd like to become a judge
  5. Good luck with that, I'm sure you'll get the grades if you try your best
    Would you want to become a barrister or solicitor or something like that?
  6. Yeah, guess so, thanks for the support :P Sure, I also know some stories like that, of people around 40 who go back to college to get better formation, which they didn't need on their young time at working
    Exactly, criminal or human rights law it's definetely what's most appealing for me!!
    Ah ah :P
  7. You're still only 19 though...that's young in terms of education! You get people over 40 going to uni nowadays!
    Law sounds interesting...especially criminal or human rights law, but civil law would bore me! I studied Politics at A level, so we covered a little bit of civil law then, but I didn't really engage with it personally. I find reading about human rights law cases really interesting though as I'm a huge libertarian hippy :P
  8. Nice coincidence... The lowest grade for medicine in Portugal is above 180/200 (or 18.0 out of 20.0), so it's also very hard to get into it here

    I'm happy for you, thought the same for about 5 years (since my 10th grade) but now (from almost 2 months or so) medicine has suddenly gone out of my mind and been replace for law (which I can't apply this year for not having the basic subjects as I was in the science area) which, bearing in mind I lost already two yearsafter finishing the secundary to get into medicine, is really mind disturbing
  9. Thanks That's a coincidence! I applied for Medicine too and didn't get in...I hope to get into a post-grad course, as I really was focused on getting into Medical school!
    Medicine is a really competitive course here in the UK, so I assume it's hard to get into in Portugal too! You require at least three A grades in three subjects at A-level here.
  10. Ah ah, I hadn't understand that, thanks for clarifying xD

    Well, that is very nice as I suck at drawing I just pause the anime and print-screen the biggest moments to keep that as images :P
    I don't like it, though, so that's why I want to give up. Almost one year ago I only apllied to it for safety, just to be sure I'd enter college (my goal was medicine), still have one exam to do on 16th for which I haven't study anything already nor am I motivated My grades on the subjects were just ok, don't want to keep this course at all.
    Indeed, my head has been twisting a lot through that area

    That's great, we also have that course in Portugal, Biomedic Engineering, really hope that you get succesfull at aplying to it and then that you love the course itself, all the best for you with that
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