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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Yes, I did, lucky me :P But so are you
    And I've just uploaded more from The Hague
  2. Yeah, I love the US!
    I've been to Washington DC (school trip), New York, Lake Tahoe in Nevada and San Fransisco (another school trip) and Florida (Disneyland, Universal and Seaworld- I was only 8 then though, so I don't remember it very well). Very lucky :P
    Washington DC is a good place to go if you like Politics/ history as there are lots of things to see, whilst NY can be a bit difficult during busy periods as there are so many crowds :S
    You've been to a lot of places in Europe though
  3. Wooh, that's COOOLD :P
    Really? That's great! In which places?

    Hm, I dunno, US is so huge... Boston, Washington DC, NY, ..., I just don't know, states are just too big for my brain xD
  4. Canada is another place I'd like to go! lol
    That's dipped to -20 something in England this year!!
    I've been to the US four times, I'm a lucky girl Where would you like to go there?
  5. That's great, looking foward to se them

    I don't like cold very much :P Temperatures in Lisbon never go bellow 0 celsius.
    Sure, outside Europe my musts are States, Japan, Canada and Australia for now.
  6. I'll find them and do that
    I'd love to go to Berlin's on my wish list. The thing is people are still hung up about the problems Germany had during WW2 and the Cold War, but I find that really interesting
    Some of the architecture by the Nazis was actually very pretty despite the cruel intentions behind the creators!
    I went to Scotland once to ski, but didn't really explore. I'm not fond of the cold :P
    Japan is another must...Russia would be brilliant! I studied the Cold War not long ago so I'd love to go there.
  7. Very glad you liked them
    I also love France, Paris is really great, wouldn't mind at all coming back one day :P
    Lol, I don't think you're crazy (but just a bit wouldn't hurt xD)

    That seems to be really great How was it, took some photos? If so you maybe you want to post some photos of it :P
    Hm, hard question, I can't really answer it as I really loved all the countries I've been too (you can see them in some recent post I did on my thread)

    And no, I unfortunately haven't been to England yet but it's a must in Europe I'd also love to go to Scotland, Croatia, Greece, Russia, the Northen Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) and also to Germany (I've only been to Franfurt and Cologne there, I'd love to see Munique and Berlim )
  8. Those photos are awesome I love France, as I went there quite frequently when I was younger. I am a bit obsessed with their culture and I joke that it's because my great great grandmother was french, but that's probably not's probably just because I'm a bit crazy xD
    I'm watching Bleach and Kaichou wa maid sama atm, but haven't watched any today as I went to the National Gallery in London this morning
    What's your favourite holiday that you've been on then? Have you ever been to England?
  9. So, how are you today?
    What animes are you currently watching? (guess I still haven't asked you this, if so please forgive me :P)
    I've just finished watching Death Note before yesterday (which I really loved, though the ending was not that good) and started with Durarara!! (episode 5 so far), also keeping up with Kuroko no Basuke.

    Btw, I'd be very apprectiated if you could have a look on my new thread (I've posted some pics of my previous tour trips around Europe, started with Paris and Amesterdan, hope you like them )
    Take care
  10. Maybe...
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