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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. I'm watching Durarara ep 6 atm
    Btw, do you like my new avatar? Changed it yesterday, was kinda tired of the other
  2. Ah ah, same for me I think
    Hm, kinda hard to tell, I've not seen that much, looks very misterious whith a lot of happenings than somehow may be interlinked, definetely interesting, so far it's nice but I was told that after the slow start it becomes really awesome, so I'd recommend it , yes
    Which animes have you seen so far?
  3. LOL Not really smart...just a good guesser
    What genre is Durarara? I've heard of it before...would you reccomend it?
  4. Ah ah, you are smart then
    I've heard a bit about that shojo anime here
  5. Atm I'm still catching up with Bleach...I've reached the episode where you find out Ichigo's dad was a soul reaper (I already suspected this though...:P).
    I'm on the last episode of Kaichou wa maid-sama too
    Sure thing!
  6. I'm doing pretty fine as well, tks
    Yeah, raining really sucks Here the sky is clear blue

    Which animes are you currently watching? (think I haven't asked you this) I'm doing with Durarara

    Btw, would you like to comment on my thread again? More photos on it atm
  7. I'm good thanks
    It's been raining all day though :S
    How about you?
  8. Yo, how are you today?
  9. Glad you liked I think I'll post some more today, from Belgium
  10. Awesome
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