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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Hey
    How was your holiday?
  2. Mulan is awesome!
    Yeah, Tangled is what I meant when I said Rapunzel xD

    The same and I'll add the awesome tast for films
  3. I LOVE Disney!
    Especially the modern classics, e.g. Beauty and the beast and Mulan!
    I've seen all those movies and agree that they're really good...I was very impressed with Tangled
    I've seen that film with Tom Hanks too
    Seems that we have the same taste in films
  4. Hey, sorry for the late reply!
    I got so many VM as I got back from my vacations house Monday (7/23) that I kept delaying and delaying it, sorry again

    Those are two of my fav actors indeed So you gotta see 88 minutes (with none of them but close to most of Morgan Freeman's) and also The Airport with Tom Hanks.
    I really liked Phantom of the Opera, still haven't watched Les Miserables.

    If you also like movies with cartoons/animes I'd recommend you to see ALL from Disney, they're really good. From the latest ones I'd recommend Up, How to train your dragon, ice age (all), rango, rapunzel and some others if you are interested on them

    Take care my friend ^^
  5. LOL ok... :P
    I like most genres of film, except horror! My favourites are the Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Forrest Gump...basically anything with either Morgan Freeman or Tom Hanks in it xD
    I also like the Spiderman movies and 'The Shining'. Jack Nicholson is another actor who I really like.
    I also like a variety of different musicians, but I like musical theatre too...such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.
  6. Hard question
    Will be easier if you say what kind of musics and films you like
  7. :P Anyways onto more positive matters...what music and films do you like?
    Do you have any favourites? Any reccomendations?
  8. Yeah, some of them really seem completely taken out from movies!
    And you're right about that, the world sucks sometimes and as well it makes me feel bad for complaining for some stuff
  9. Reading those posts on the backstabbing thread is really sad...
    The world can be so cruel makes me feel bad for complaining!
  10. Ah ah, neither am I indeed
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