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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and AshureeChan

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  1. Yeah haha my mom really likes action movies where things blow up n' stuff XD
    Yesh! He is cool! I haven't seen that movie though, sadly :/
    LOL Spongebob is awesome even though it's weird xD idk my favorite character.
  2. Your mum?! lol
    My mum couldn't watch LOTR...apparently it's too 'scary'. Oh mother!
    I like JD's quirkiness He was so sweet in Edward Scissorhands; he's good at acting confused!
    Spongebob is so weird. I love it! My favourite character is Squidwerd
  3. I get my like for those kind of movies from my mom xD
    POTC are all awesome! Johnny Depp
    I HATE horror so I'm with you on that, I'm into to being scared senseless.

    I like Law & Order ^_^ it's one of those shows that's always on (like Spongebob xD).

    Yeah, rap lyrics don't ever have any real meaning behind them except sex and drugs... -______-
    I love SJ I like the songs 'Opera' and 'A-Cha'.
  4. Wow...quite a list! xD
    I'm not really into voilent films, but I have seen the Pirates of the Carribean and quite enjoyed it. That said, I do like Superhero films like Spiderman and Batman, but I dislike horror.
    Comedy is probably my favourite genre and Thrillers also. My favourite film is the Green Mile, as well as 'The Shawshank Redemption' and 'Forrest Gump'.
    I love CSI Do you watch Law and Order?
    I dislike rap too xD I like a tune to my music, not purely lyrics about killing people and women xP
    Super Junior are amazing My favourite song by them is 'No Other'...what about you?
  5. Hmmm as for films... I tend to like movies with lots of action ad violence (just like my taste in anime, go figure). I like Taken, Shooter, Pirates of the Caribbean (seen all of 'em ^_^), The Chronicles of Narnia... and sometimes an occasional comedy.
    Tv shows... I like action crime shows. Unfortunately most of my crime shows aren't coming back till fall but I like Rizzoli & Isles, The Mentalist, NSCIS, NCIS: Los Angelos, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Unforgettable. I also have a few reality tv shows I like such as So You Think You Can Dance & American Idol.
    And as for music... I like almost any genre except rap and country. I like Rock, Screamo, Metal, Pop, Techno, Trance, Jpop, Jrock, Kpop, Dubstep and even Classical... some bands I really like are RED, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Abingdon Boys School, UVERworld, Super Junior, and ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  6. That's a good attitude to have
    So, what kind of TV/films do you enjoy watching when you aren't watching anime? What kind of music do you like?
  7. YEP! L is awesome!
    Hahaha yeah that part is quite awkward. xD
    Hmmm I guess they do kinda look like monkeys lol
    YESH! I do feel happy when the USA wins but I don't throw a pitty party when they loose either lol
  8. Hehe thanks
    Don't worry, I use elipses (that's the punctuation "...") way too much and the smilie xD too often also!
    It can be a bit awkward, you kind of have to forget that you can almost see the outline of their junk!! :P
    High bar looks so fun, they remind me of monkeys when they do it xD
    Well done for the success of the US in the female team final (I know you aren't really involved, but oh well lol)
  9. Yeah same here. It's so amazing how they can all do what they do SO WELL!
    Yeah it looks hard but it's awkward to watch xD
    Yeah I like watching that too but my favorite is the high bar :3
    I just realized I started every sentence with "yeah" woww that was lame xD
    oh and btw love the L pic on your profile xD
  10. No, that's not weird at all...I'm exactly the same xD
    I just like to see amazing athletes, to me it doesn't matter about their nationality.
    The pommel horse looks so hard though; they are all so strong!!
    My favourite apparatus is probably floor, as it looks like dancing...I'm so jealous that they are able to do all those round-offs and flips in a row! I used to do gymnastics, but the most I could do was a round off into a forward roll, then I would get too dizzy! :P
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