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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and gff135

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  1. genetics are fun
  2. I'm veggie, so I'm not into beef surprisingly lol
    What I am doing involves both Biology and Chemistry, as Genetics involves studying chemical structure of DNA, but I also have to study the effect of genes on ecosystems (so, Biology).
    It's nice to do a subject which can be classified as either.
  3. i enjoy sience but im mor of biology and chemestry guy
  4. beef products and darwin is 1 of my favs
  5. Evolutionary genetics and ecology :P
    Basically, Darwin stuff
    What cuisine do you enjoy cooking the most?
  6. wat field?
  7. That's cool
    I've never been much of a cook myself, I'm a scientist xD
  8. business management and culinary
  9. Oh ok, you're a year younger than me then xD
    College is fantastic, if you can afford it...such a refreshing experience if you are interested in a specific subject
  10. im in 12th my last yr im either going to college or into military after it
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