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Conversation Between -Danielle- and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. awesome your making me hungry you know, yeah I know he'll be on. By the way do you have a windows live account
  2. hopefully he'll turn up for you soon eh!
    its gona be the same time for him that it is for me...right? if so, id say that he's probably having sunday dinner
    im having mine soon! im not staying traditional...going for gammon, fried egg and chips (french fries!) hehe.
  3. yes very true, right now I'm wondering where my boyfriend is on Windows Live he's usually on by nowprobably doing something with dad
  4. Hey there! Hehe its no problem. Its a nice thread. Saddened me a bit but you've gotta remember the good times with broken relationships dont ya and your thread did that for meeeee it would be nice getting to know you too!
  5. Hey thanks for posting on my thread, hope too get to know you I also love your avatar
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