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Conversation Between -Danielle- and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. hey got your invitation
  2. ah nvm, figured out how to do it :P
  3. eeeek, how do i delete?!
  4. really? and thats for windows live messenger right? i hope its not got rid of my account or something just cause i barely use it! lol. erm, how bout you give me yours and i'll try?x
  5. it says its wrong for some reason
  6. yeah course you can! im usually on whenever im off work and have nothing to do or on the weekend when im bored and not out hehe. i'll message you my email
  7. I will you can count on me

    Just in case can I have you Windows Live
  8. ah glad to hear it!!!
    yeah sure, why not!
    i will find him and add him. (say nice things for me :P). mwahahahah.
  9. yep he's on you want to be friends with him
  10. i do but im afraid i rarely use it my lovely!
    for the record, my food was awesome hehe. you managed to speak to aether yet?
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