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Conversation Between -Danielle- and Kaitou+

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  1. Well, I am getting a lot better but still sneezing like hell. Well, it's getting colder, so yeah.
    Well, I was on a hiatus for a long time but now I am back for good, I joined back in 2008 as you can see.
  2. I blame the contagious people that I work with. Its their fault! lol. Lets hope we both feel super again sooooon!
    You enjoying your time on here still? I'm hoping to stick around here this time. Wys to waste time on my lunch hour and all that. I'm hopeful!
  3. Aww, you're sick? You're not alone! I am kind of sick as well.
    Same here, AF and Youtube for me.
  4. Not much. I'm just messing around on here and youtube whilst feeling sorry for myself. I cant stop sneezing!
    Hows you? What are you getting upto?
  5. What's up? ^__^
  6. Hey there
  7. Hey!
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