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Conversation Between -Danielle- and Kaitou+

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  1. Bah, when I finish College I'll move to Europe. ^^

    Maybe Italy or Spain.
  2. thats understandable
    how long have you lived there for? you still liking it? how many more years of further education you got?
  3. Well, before..BEFORE, I had a better chance a chance for better education, so yeah.
  4. i think im even in australia's future but id have to double check that hehe. i was born and bred in england
    what bought you to florida then?
  5. Well, Australians live in the future.

    I'm not American though, I'm Peruvian.
  6. damn you guys and your sunday still ahead of youuuu! :P
    i suppose i can always say that i live in the future or something though lolol xD
  7. I live in the States, Florida so it's 10:56AM for me. =P
    Yay!! *huggles*
  8. Yeah you're right, didnt post much with the old one. I was one of those Lurkers I guess. Back then I just thought anything I had to say would just get dismissed. I guess I feel the same way now but this time I'm giving it more of a try and seeing if I'm wrong :P
    Loud sneezers of the world unite! hehe.
    What time is it in your neck of the woods? Is your weekend slowly becoming over like mine? Its 3.53pm here.
  9. Oh my too! Every time I sneeze people are like WTF? Because it's as loud as thunder. XP Hehehe, nice to see I'm not alone.

    I know, right? Ah, I see.. but you didn't post much with that account then?
  10. Yeah i'm sneezing loads. Doesnt help that i'm mega loud when i do so too! xP
    This place always has you coming back doesnt it
    I had an account like 3 years ago but I forgot my username, the email address I sugned up with etc so i'm having to start from scratch!!!
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