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Conversation Between JimmyTheCannon and sunnyside

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  1. Oh, never mind, she's got a post in before I did!
  2. If you could, yeah. I'd feel weird posting twice in a row.
  3. I PMed Kaname, but I don't know when she might reply. If you'd like I could post something to you with Jennifer saying something. Or you could just post again having your character perform an action to keep things going.
  4. Yeah, I saw, I've just been busy playing SW:TOR lately. And yeah, I know about the tattoo jumping thing - I just have to have him discover it first, heh.
  5. She's posted, oh, and tatoo boosted jumping is your thing, so maybe enjoy describing some of it. Or I guess if you're in a short post mood you could ask me to elaborate.
  6. She's in with a post again. For some reason the forum didn't flag as the thread having new posts, I nearly missed it myself, but the ball is in your court for this post (though of course feel free to ask for any assistance etc)
  7. I saw, I'll get to it today.
  8. She posted, looks like she wants you to make the first move here.
  9. Alright, I cleared up some space.
  10. Hey, Kaname is trying to reply to your message, but your inbox is full, so.
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