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Conversation Between atemisk and Kakaly

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  1. sadly i dont but i plan to go as canti from flcl next year
  2. Thats way cool, do you have pictures of the outfits? Im planing on going to Kawa-con next week. Its gonna be awesome, going with a new outfit. Lol its gonna be a surprize for everyone. The only game i dont have for kh is the one that was only realised in japan. I want it so badly but I cant find it anywhere yet.
  3. i was marluxia one year and saix the other i own all of the kh games so far
  4. Well thats awesome, have you gone to any conventions or anything like that? There rally uber amazing to go and dress up. I always love dressing up as Kairi from kingdom hearts. My fav game of forever!! Her and Sora are uber kawaii!! <3<3<3<3<3
  5. im just a normal guy
  6. Hey just saw you liked Yaoi and furries. Just wanted to stop by and say that you seemed cool. Tell me about yourself.
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