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Conversation Between Moomba and Anime-Prince

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  1. Theme parks are awesome. ^_^ I'm scared of heights, but that just makes roller-coasters so much more fun. Yeah the American theme parks sound immense compared to the ones over here. Oh driving huh.. I was learning, took loads of lessons, but.. didn't take my test. Just lost interest I think. I probably should have taken it. Maybe I will in the future.
    Me.. Um.. I love performing. Stage shows, and pantomimes rock. Me and my friends do impro comedy some nights, around the town and small pubs. That's always fun. I take Taekwondo lessons which I look forward to. I swim loads.. and love to travel.
  2. I love to go to theme parks with friends, the bigger the roller-coaster the better, i would LOVE to visit some of the amazing theme parks in america!.
    Other than that, I love driving, i'm still learning at the moment but cars have been my interest since I was just a wee little girl ^_^
    What about you? what perks your interests? ^_^
  3. Oh well that's good.
    So what kind of stuff do you like to do?
  4. I'm finding it to be a really great forum, everyone here is so nice, there's no drama, no clique's, no pointless trolling/flaming....very much a different story to the previous forum i was on (Anime League)
  5. No problem. ^^ How're you finding it?
  6. Thank you for your kind welcome, I apologize it took so long to respond ^_^
  7. Welcome to Anime Forum
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