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Conversation Between Cursed Spirit and SigmaSD

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  1. Yup Sigma is cool. it sounds like someone who's very strong. who can dominate everything... so aztig... thank you for not minding about what i look like... and thanks for accepting me as your friend... i'm not that goodlooking but i think i'm cute... *laughs* i just wanted to ask how long have been a member of AF cause i've seen your senior member... i know you can help a lot. also my pics are on.
  2. Oki oki, your name cursy then. hihi. You think Sigma is cool? *sparkly eyes* Yay yay!!! *jumps up and down*

    Sigma will help, just ask Sigma any question and I answer it for yous. What is Ellxeevs doing anyway? Its weird that she's being lazy cause she usually isn't. If she not online then she works out and stuff.

    And Sigma not care how you look, you are Cursy and you will be Sigma's friend no matter what. 'kay?
  3. Yes you can call me cursy if you want to. I think it's cute. Thanks for the nickname. Actually carabao means it's a term used for bad english here in our country. Hehe. I like your username I think it's "aztig" meaning cool. Hehe. Please help me with the forum because I'm sort of new to this type of site so I don't have a lot of knowledge about this and Ellxeeva is lazy to teach me. I will post my picture soon. I cannot promise that I'm a good looking person but I'm sure you'll be scared. Hehe.
  4. Only thing I didn't understand was "carabao". lolz You make that word up? Cause Sigma can make up words too. puhi puhi. =3

    I can understand you, your English pretty good. Haha, Besides, English is Sigma's second language too, but since I grew up in US, I know it lots and lots. Sigma does fail in spelling sometimes though. hihihihi

    Yesh yesh, Sigma ish friends with Cursed Spirits now, but since your name too long, we have to find nickname. How about Cursy? Or or Spirit? Or maybe just CS? You can call me Siggy-chan or just Siggy if you want. My original username was SigmaSD but I keep changing it for some reasons. Right now I has kanji which means "Shiguma". That supposed to be Sigma in Japanese. lol You might not be able to see it though cause Ellxeevs said that Sigma's username looked like boxes.
  5. Eow Sigma! Wow it's 5am there? What country are you? Are you there? Sorry about my english it's carabao I hope you understand. Thank you accepting my request. I hope we can be friends. Hehe, But I'm not always online. I think It's only once a week. Hope you understand again. Hehe. Thank you.
  6. So that why she not online? Oki oki. So...hmm....what ish up? hihi.

    Sigma is up cause I kinda can't sleep nao. It is....*checks clock* almost 5 am here. lol. Wow....

    Oh and yesh Sigma talks weird and lolzy like this, so I is sorry if you can't understand Sigma.
  7. Hello Sigma. I'm with Ellxeeva I borrowed her laptop. She said you're awesome and she'll be back later because I'm using her computer.
  8. Hai hai. *wave wave*
  9. Hi.
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