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Conversation Between Cursed Spirit and SigmaSD

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  1. She really said that? well if she's saying that she's so pretty i don't react violently so why does she keep on saying i'm not cute? but i can't say that she's not pretty cause she is very beautiful like hot beautiful guys are drooling around her a lot of guys like her but not me. i think we were just meant to be friends and yes you're right she's amazing and you too but she's crazy. and she is very lucky to have me too. *laughs* hahaha. the thunder strike me, ouch. what is your address? i'll send you a lot of lizards they've been all around our house recently. they're trying to eat me. ahaha.
  2. Hihihi, Thankyuus. Sigma glad you like my nicknamey for you. hihihi. Ellxeevs also said you call yourself cute too much. lolzy. Sigma does think you ish cute though, I told Ellxeevs.

    She is crazy, but Sigma loves Ellxeevs. She is amazing person. You lucky to have friend like her, don't let her go.

    Ellxeevs not wanna send Sigma a lizard even though I want one. Can you send me one instead? puhi puhi puhi

    Yesh yesh, Sigma still here.
  3. eow eow ejejeje. cursy is fine with me it matches with my looks, its cute. hehe. *laugh laugh* don't worry about Ellxeevs she's a little bit crazy. also i borrowed her laptop again because she's busy dancing Britney songs. aheheh. oh thanks again you are very kind. are you still there?
  4. Hai hai
  5. Oki oki. hihihi.

    Ellxeevs thinks that me calling you Cursey not awesome. ;______; She said CS sound bettah.

    Sorry if reply is late, AF kinda went kablewy on Sigma.
  6. i'm gonna put a pic on the gaaah bugs post your pictures thread, you can see me there.
  7. i'm gonna put a pic on the gaaah bugs post your pictures thread, you can see me there.
  8. Yesh it ish anniversary for Sigma, but not till October 28. Hyuu..,.. I has to start planning party though!!!!
    Thankies, Sigma thinks we both going to be friends for long long time, cause you seem nice and very awesome. Also, most post you do seem like something Sigma would respond as well. *nod nod*

    Its good thing you has Sigma and Ellxeevs (Gail) to help yous out; we gonna take care of you. *nod nod*
  9. Oh... so its sigma's anniversary this month.. happy anniv. sigma.. where's the party?.. let's go and party! party!.. Cursy hope for Sigma to have more friends to be happy.. haha thank you for offering your help.. i appreciate... ur the best..
  10. hihihi. Thankyuus!!! Sigma not that cool, but I ish glad Cursed Spirit think Sigma is cool. And I always accept people as friends cause more friends means more happy happy for Sigma. All friends important for Sigma.

    Well I hasn't checked pics yet but Sigma bets you ish cutesy cute. *nod nod*

    Sigma has been membah since October 2008. So....*counts on fingers* years!!!!

    So you need help on anything?
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