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Conversation Between Cursed Spirit and SigmaSD

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  1. yeah same here, I'm also looking for a job as well and I've sort of applied to the same job more than once. hahaha. Imma hopefully get it, if not then I will die
  2. Well im actually doin great, Thanks for asking... Im just a little bit busy this past few months because i was looking for a job,
    luckily i found one.. and im enjoying it.. hehe elxeeves is doin' great you dont have to worry about her... hehe.
    well how are you now?...
  3. Hello, how are you? How have you been? And also, where is Ellxeevs?
  4. Hi sigma... How are yah?..
  5. Hey what is up?
  6. thank you for the reputation, hehe.
  7. Yes you're right. Ellxeevs don't make friends only for looks, she looks deep inside they're heart and treasures those who really cares for her and i know you and Anime-Prince are two of those people. who she really really really cares for. she wasn't that bad when she was in college, she's just a little bit "nabarkada" which means influenced by wrong friends here in our country, but i'm glad that she came back to herself just like before. don't say sorry, it's okay that you tell a lot of things about het cause i am learning some that i don't know and i also practice my english grammar ahehe. if you want me to send you some lizards, so can i ask what is your address? i am the one who should be "sorry" cause i don't have a lot of things to talk about. ahehe.
  8. Haha, shes really teasy but she's funneh. I wanna huggle wuggle her!!!!

    She is really beautiful, but Siggy not like her for her looks. Sigma likes her cause she is honest, nice, and she said she used to be bad girl, but she did her hardest to change. Sigma also changed, but I would like to chance kinda like Ellxeevs. There are still stuff Sigma is scared off yet Sigma not willing to get over it. But friends helping.

    Maybe Sigma should also feel lucky. But you know...Elxxevs isn't like that. Even if she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, she doesn't make friends for looks. She makes friends who are the real deal. People who are not only nice but also have a pursuit of dreams. People that get along with others and aren't judgmental.

    Um...sorry...Sigma talking too much about Ellxeevs. But...she's one of a kind and whoever ends up being with a woman like that is the luckiest person in the world.
  9. Yeah i know she's just teasing me. That's the way she shpws her care for me...ahe... i actually admit it, i say it a lot... as often as she says shes beautiful...well she is i right? ahe. I think she already know...ahe. Well yeah.. a lot of guyz were actually dying for her.. guys treat her like a goddess yihaaah! and i'm actually lucky, just a little, hehe to be one of her million friends... ahe. hmp.. *laughs* you really want lizards, ok i'll put holes in the box so that they can breathe.. hehe and I'll put alot f mosquito so they can eat... ahe...
  10. Well she didn't say you're not cute, she just said you say it a lot. Or something like that. hihihi. But it not matter what she thinks, right? She's just teasing you cause you her friend.

    Wait...guys are drooling over Ellxeevs? Hyuu....*jealous* Well you friends with her cause you known her for a long time and you know how awesome she is so you rather stay as friends. And that way you can tease her lots too. hihihi. Hey when you see her, give her a poke for me. Tell her Sigma told you to poke her.

    You lolzy though. hihihi Hope the thunder didn't hurt. And Sigma is not amazing. I'm just...Sigma. Normal person who just likes to make people happy.

    Ellxeevs said they might die if you send them, so if you do send them can you put holes in box and also give it lots of food so that it not die by the time it gets here?
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