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Conversation Between AmaroWolfwood and FlowerMaiden

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  1. Just about to stay up for 8 hours. XD Wanna trade? I'll go to school, gladly. ;_;
  2. Not much just about to go to bed how about you?
  3. Evening, Katie! What you up to?
  4. Hey pretty miss Katie, how fairs the day? ^_^
  5. Ok then and not long,about a month.
  6. You will be Miss Katie now. ^_^ Again, pleasure to meet you. Have you been on AF for a long time?
  7. Thanks I guess The red glasses are awesome though and you don't have to call me ma'am,You can just call me Katie if you want too. (It's my real name
  8. Ma'am, I'm quite sure that anyone who pulls off red glasses has more to them than just red glasses. ^O^ Kudos to red glasses, though.
  9. I have a picture to prove it (My parents tell me i'm pretty all the time. I only think i'm somewhat pretty with my red glasses. I love my glasses ) *stares at banner*Awesome!
  10. I notice that many a pretty lass don't find themselves pretty until someone points it out. ^_^ I have made it my life goal to see that all pretty ladies see themselves for what they are. ^O^ *dramatic rally music and big Wolfwood banner waves*
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