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Conversation Between AmaroWolfwood and SigmaSD

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  1. Oh....Sigma not know that. hihihi. So you werewolf then? Sigma is kitty so....don't attack Sigma oki?

    Hmmm....*pout pout* Maybe she taking advantage of fact that I hide gender but oh well maybe good idea she said that cause now you think Sigma is guy and you not flirtsy hihi. It works to Sigma's advantage. Guys won't flirtsy cause they'll think Sigma guy, and girls won't flirtsy cause they will think Sigma is girl.

    Uh uh uh, can you catch Sigma a Staryu? Sigma can't find it in game version I ish playing. hyuuu!!!!
  2. I am a night creature. I feed in the darkness and my dark powers are at their peak in the dead of night...And I work nightshift. XD I'm usually on here while I'm at work.

    I've also just been informed by Amber that you are -Mr- Sigma-chan. Either I am terribly mistaken and being pranked, or I -was- being terribly mistaken and and either case, I am a silly fool. XD In anycase Sigma-chan, you are still a most pretty miss. ^_^ And I shall huggle this and all starfishies! *snuggles starfishie, and goes to look for a Starmie*
  3. Hihi, you don't need to call me miss, just Siggy-chan. Hmm....well you better not be really pervy cause Sigma will use e-mace on yous. lol

    Its okay, juts as long as you know I give starfishy, but you has to huggle it. I mean, starfishies are so cutesy and hugglable, and....myam!!!! *daydreams*

    But you never online when Sigma online. ;_____;
  4. Come come now, Miss Siggy-chan, there is no need to be so defensive, I wouldn't dream of stealing anything from Kaitou, he's awesomeful. ^O^ However, flirtsy pervyness is in my nature, so do take what I say with a grain of salt and a laugh in your throat. Oh! Thank you for the starfishy, I mistook the gift to have been from Amber, which I am quite shamed of. ;_; In any case, hope I can provide you and the forum with some laughs and awesomeness. =D
  5. You can call Sigma Siggy-chan since that's what most people call me. Hihihihi.

    Hai hai and welcome to AF. Sigma is Kaitou-sama's number one fangirl, so your flirtsy talk not gonna work on me. Sigma and Kaitou-sama 4eva. =3 puhi puhi
  6. Ello, Miss Sigma. ^_^ I hope I have that right, still learning names around here. But I just thought I'd drop a hello and bow *bow*.
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