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Conversation Between AmaroWolfwood and Uta-chan~

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  1. Hahaha not like that~~ >__< :P
    Aw yeah it was easier for other people to call me Uta-chan ^^
    And it's a cute name, yesh? :3
  2. ...I see you've taken "Uta-chan" as your official name...I'm not longer needed! *shameful-facepalm and corner sulking*

    Also, I'm highly interested in this Antarctican soft porn you're performing for me. "OMG!!!! Look at that! She's amazing, I can't take my eyes off her skimpy little v-neck sweater~ She's so indecent, it's just too hot! Next, she's gonna go barefoot!!!" You naughty girl, you~
  3. Oh, you know... the usual... ^-^ It's pretty warm though today, I might have to take take one layer of clothes off haha
  4. You have accomplished you're mission, then. ^^ So how's Antarctica? *pokes profile* XD
  5. Hahaha I know :P I go online at random times of the day to confuse people XP
  6. Oh there is much worse to create. Muahahaha~ You really do have weird sleep patterns. Were you asleep before you got on here? ^^;
  7. Bahahaha right back at cha. You deserve the award of thinking up an impression such as that. Hahahaha XP
  8. Nay! Just the opposite, you have a great sense of humor. In fact, your award will now be replaced with Most lolzy. ^O^ Anyone who laughs at an anal rape reference is worthy of this award! Congratz!
  9. Are you telling me I don't have a great sense of humour? =_=
    And that you're just saying all that right >____<
  10. You have just earned the Wolfwood Award for Most Cutely Avoiding Logic.
    XD I was expecting a comment on how I have no way of knowing how you look. Which would be responded to by saying "Oh, but you seem to have a great sense of humor, as you seem to laugh at most anything. Which means, you smile a lot, which instantly provides you with both a dazzling smile and pleasant eyes." =D
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