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Conversation Between AmaroWolfwood and Kaitou+

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  1. Don't worry I, of course was focusing on my duty,

    Because gentlemen like ourselves cannot allow the combination of beauty and sorrow, thus our job is to make that beauty stand out with a smile. That's our Gentlemen way.
  2. Hey, Kaitou, my man. How are things? Sorry I haven't been on, went into a small coma. XD I'm back to work and back to the forum!
  3. Hey man.
  4. You're good, we're going to have some serious competition.. =P

    Well, yeah I guess I am. xD And I am still on-going and going harder.

    Because it is my task to please all the girls with happyness and joy, that is my true way of the Gentleman.
  5. You have your own Group. You're way ahead of me. XD
  6. Oh, I see.
  7. Peruvian, eh? I don't have an image in my head to describe that to myself. XD I know nothing of Peru. I also should have picked to be Mori, as I didn't think far enough ahead to put justice to Kyoya's fantastic plans. Although, AnimeLyrics would have an annual beauty contest and have all the forumers submit pics to be judged and awarded. It was always a hit, though I never organized any.
  8. So, what is our first mission?!
  9. Well, I am Peruvian and I been living in Orlando, Florida for 7 years now.
  10. Really? I came in on the down slope? How depressing. I'm from Texas, and I spent about a year in Florida about 2 years ago working in Disney! It was the best time of my life. <3
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