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Conversation Between Zenister and Kaleohano

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  1. Yo, i done attempteded..ed to make a Spice and Wolf sig. Whaddaya thunk?
  2. Assuming I don't flunk out or die, my MSc programme will last for 1 year. I intend to apply for a post-study work visa though so I can stay longer. That's if I go over there and love it, of course. You should google image search the University of Glasgow sometime. That's one of the places I was accepted, and it's endlessly beautiful.

    You lived in Germany? For how long and why?
  3. Damn. You done figured out the "Lucas Box Things go both ways Paradox of Impending Boss Doom!" Theory. This was unexpected.
    Graduating huh? well congrats on making it! Hopefully i'll be able to make it through but holy s**t its gonna be difficult haha
    I've seen most of Europe during my time living in germany, but i haven't been to scotland. looks cool though. Kilts are totally boss! How long are you gonna be there?

    As far as my side goes, the only thing i really did was paint the roof and rims on my car. really boring. just waiting to leave.
  4. I just made you a signature; this shop is closed for a bit. :P

    And you haven't talked to me either, mister. The box works both ways. :P :P :P

    Oh, and I've been pretty busy. I graduate from college in a few days, and then I'm going to graduate school in Scotland.
  5. Chello! I has a Request pleeeeease!
    could you make a signature using this pic of my car??

    And why haven't you talked to me in so long????
  6. My pleasure.

    i loves it! thank you so much!
  8. Here's your sig!

    I hope you like it. <3
  9. lol then think of something you like. i'm sure you come up with something good
    Maybe just me screen name?
    or my real one?
  10. I don't think I can put that on a self-respecting signature.
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