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Conversation Between Zenister and blueangel06661

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  1. I miss you! Pop by AL and come see me sometime.

    Oh, and I got an interesting PM I want to tell you about...
  2. No need to apologize! And sure, I'll start it right now. I'll send you either a psd file or something where everything that needs to be added can go on top.
  3. Would you like to start the collab.I became kinda stuck.. I can mail you my stock or you can choose one =D sorry about last night.. passed out xD
  4. I think we're heading out on Friday.. Seems like everything is going on this weekend @[email protected]

    Friday night is my old dorms "haunted halls" and my friend from where i'm from is at my college I withdrew from because his GF goes there D: I wanna go there but I wanna go with my BF to gainesville. I don't have gas money so I'm going to have to go to gainesville with the BF xD Does friday seem ideal? meet up at a cafe or something?. :3
  5. That's awesome, and yes we should! I think we should do it sooner than this weekend, though. My boyfriend will be in town from michigan, and I'm going to get him on Saturday. We'll be back Saturday evening and home all of Sunday. I'll be home for some of Friday as well.
  6. This weeks SOTW theme is collab. How ironic =D

    I'm deff. coming to G-ville this weekend we should irl collab for this :]

    .__. would that be cheating? lol xD
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