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Conversation Between Zenister and blueangel06661

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  1. Oh? Like what?
  2. Totally should =3

    Man so many things have changed around here since you left xD
  3. Maybe! ;3
  4. Ahhh ^-^ sounds fun. Plan on entering in the new WOTM for january?
  5. In March for my best friend's wedding, and then potentially in September. If I do another year of grad school, however, it'll be much longer. I might go to Scotland.
  6. I've heard (through FB) Well I'm glad you're having fun and things. When will you be back in Fla?
  7. Well, I graduated from UF and now I'm getting a Master's degree in Ireland from the University of Dublin. It's a lot of fun and really exciting and the boys are cuuuuuuuuuute. It's beautiful over here, too. Writing my dissertation is stressful, but it's such a great experience I can't complain.
  8. I'm good. Just working at disney and chillin when I'm not. About to fly out to Michigan wednesday with the BF and his sister to meet some of their distant family. Modding the forums.. Same ol same ol... How about you? What are you up to missy?
  9. I was on hiatus because I wasn't really making sigs regularly, but now I've got back into it. =] How are you? I've missed you!
  10. Hey! So what brings you back to AF! :3 You've been MIA for like ever xD
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