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Conversation Between catie and Vaishu

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  1. Belated happy wishes Kira,missin ua sooooooo much.
    Where the hell are you these day,I'm at my Granny's place and I have access to
    the net 24*7 for the next 3 days.Wanna meet you,call me plz.
    What you up to there days?:33333Come on gtalk.
  2. Oh I guess I made it..
  3. Kira:3333333333333333333Sorry,Java problem,lets talk here.
    What are you up to?
  4. Hey Vai!! :') Come to the chat room will ya?
  5. Heya Babe(Ah,old times)how are you?I thought you told my sis you were coming online.
    Anyways,sup?I'm probably coming to school on sports day and if yes,I do hope we meet.
    See you round:33
  6. Vai!!!! Why (ohh wait that rhymed *giggle*) are you leaving the school??? T_T
  7. Kool
  8. Just pissed off... That stupid History teacher.. She didn't tell us about that stupid 'whatever it is'
    I would've aced the test if it wasn't for her. I got 19.5/20 T^T
    I'm taking computer!!!
  9. Meh^^:33what are you up to?
  10. Just changed my avatar too.......... Otani from Lovely complex. Just loving the anime... <33333333333
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