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Conversation Between catie and FREAK 5

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  1. wats wrong wit u
  2. come..............................
  3. hey freak com to the chat room
  4. just kiddin!How did u do history?
  5. Tats ok Cat!
    I didn't want to tell u this but u tempted me a LOT!This person called(I won't mention names)
    has a seroius crush on you!I'll tell u the rest in school!But u idiot........u have seriously up in my
    girlfriend part( that STUPID visitor message u left me)cause I couldn't possibally like a girl a year
    older than me!Don't ask me anything!I'll tell u the rest in school!And as though u don't slog......!!!!!!
    You bet me physics and you sleep in EVERY CLASS!!
    clue:Yours is a GAY!!!!better luck fibbing next time!!!!
  6. Hey FREAK just met ur girlfriend jennifer she is really cute and she told good things about u
    guess me and kaviya r the only ones who know about u fully and dont u worry i did not tell her anything
    except dat u sleep during geo classes sry :P
  7. Hey catie!Study well for geography!
  8. Hai u big time slog!Please don't slog tooooooo much for biology!
  9. Hai catie!Come to chat!
  10. hey freak dont slog much its not good for ur brain
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