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Conversation Between Albear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Wow, spring break starts next week for the students over here. Everyone is talking about Tokyo ghoul.. but I still haven't seen it yet. Is it any good?
  2. My day has been good I'm on Spring Break and I just started watching Tokyo Goul :3
  3. Twas good. How about you? You doin' good in school? Still watching anime?
  4. How was your day? :3
  5. *Pats you on da head*
    Hey there kiddo.
  6. Hey Albear! ^-^/
  7. Haha xD I think those horse masks are pretty cool :3
    I remember the bands i listen to made a Harlem Shake video
    all together! My hero (or inspiration) is the one who was making out
    with himself in the corner. XD

  8. O_O Those horse masks are freakin' creepy, yo.
    I would rather ride a real horse in the wilderness like what Connor did in AC 3. Lol.
    I'm up this late because I have a day off tomorrow and the next day after.
  9. Thank you! :3
    Yeah year of the horse!
    Maybe I should have worn one of those
    Harlem Shake horse masks for new years! o_o
    Heh I didn't think you'd be up this late! o__o
  10. I understand! Keep up your studies.. So you don't end up working in McDonalds or something. You're better than that!
    Happy new year. Year of da horse, kiddo. Also, happy belated birthday!
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