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Conversation Between DragonSoul and RyuTama

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  1. I am on silly TY for the wishes :-)
  2. Souuul, why you no on anymore? :c

    Well, Happy Birthday! Hope it is/was a good one, eh?
  3. lol nahh just see what it is or get some fresh eye's on it
  4. Lol I've been trying for the last couple of months to chat with Scruffy and some others with it. Can't figure out what the issue is, but then again it could be something totally simple that my technologically inept brain just can't comprehend. <_>
  5. Ahh that sucks i hope you can fix it :/
  6. Ah, I do have Skype but it won't launch on my laptop for some reason. :l I guess AF can suffice for now. Just lemme know if you ever get an MSN or something I guess. x:
  7. Well i have skype if you have skype let me get you'er username and we can keep in touch you know
  8. Cool beans, I was planning on logging on for a bit, but god knows how long I'll be glued to my PC if I do. I'll be out and about with some friends for a few days. I'm usually online later at night, when AF chat is pretty much dead. :c You have MSN or anything so we could <strike>stalk</strike> chat with each other? //5
  9. Im great just glad to see you on the forums. Lurking as always you should get on chat for a moment if you want to have abit of fun you know
  10. Wai thank you~ //5 Just taking a break from a lot of work/school/family stuff. I'll probably disappear in another couple of weeks. :/

    So how you doin'?

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