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Conversation Between DragonSoul and Kaitou+

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  1. A puzzle, but I got it.

    Well, you could try www,dbxforums,com my forum, bring other people and isn't All Game Nation your forum?
  2. Trying to solve what? Thats cool im just looking thru google to see if i could join another Forum ive only been on one and its this one lol.
  3. Well, I'm just chilling and trying to solve this.

    How about you, bro?
  4. Uhh ok how are things and its me DragonSoul
  5. Son, who are you calling buddy?
  6. Hey + whats going on buddy. How are things and anything going on with you
  7. Thanks.
  8. Happy Birthday Buddy ^^ from me Soul
  9. Thanks for the add and Ok my bad On the diss of Black Ops
  10. I was, you said that in the Naruto vs. Goku thread, "Goku wins cause Naruto is a noob at Black-ops".

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