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Conversation Between DragonSoul and Kaitou+

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  1. It's all cool.

    I hope you post again though it the site it's more active.
  2. Kaitou man idk what to tell you. You are one of my coolest friend but one person cant change how ppl show up or post my friend
  3. I dunno, you seem to fit there so just give it a try.
  4. Im not much help to you even if i was there bro.
  5. Not a lot of posters but I think it would be nice if you come back.
  6. Well anyway it was just a suggestion dont give it alot of mind. So how many members you bringing to DBX i mean last time i saw it was 52members how is that going
  7. Nah, I know my people, bro.

    I'm sure that you would be the only one who would be using it. xD
  8. Well you have a point and you dont its abit of 50/50 maybe you tried it once did not work out thats why you would not prob put it back.
  9. No one would use the chat but you. That's the thing.
  10. Yo Kaitou bro whats happening and i would if it was not so dead and you should get a chat man would help small suggestion
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