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Conversation Between DragonSoul and Kaitou+

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  1. Im fine thanks for asking kinda pissed i forgot my pass to you'er site other than that im great XD
  2. Sup bro, what's going on?

    I'm doing well, you?
  3. Hey Kaitou how are you man.
  4. Ahh dont be sorry it happens man. I will do what i said and make sure it helps you and the other two admins out
  5. I have no plans to make anyone a mod there anytime soon though. Sorry.
  6. Yeah man just going to help out abit still looking to mod on there even thou its been abit since we talked
  7. Alright, awesome bro!
  8. Kaitou* sorry
  9. Katiou go to DBX and check out a thread i made and tell me what you think
  10. Tell you what on the weekend ill post up gameing stuff updates on the weekends to help you guys out ^^ you and the other two admins on there
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