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Conversation Between DragonSoul and Kaitou+

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  1. Lol ok. Not much man how are you doing these days.
  2. That's random.

    Wassup man?
  3. Hey Kaitou+ long time no talk
  4. I'm glad. How were you're holidays.
  5. What a run-on sentence...

    Both my site and myself have being doing well.
  6. Hey Kaitou it has been a long time how are you and how is the site in which i have not been to in over a year and im sorry about
  7. Long time no talk, bro.
  8. Just do a Password reset.
  9. Yeah im not sure oddly i just forgot really
  10. Brah, shouldn't it be the same pass as your other forums?

    smh dude
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