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Conversation Between Saxima and Finale

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  1. Oh, I know it's only for Ven, I'm just saying since they both start with "Ars" They---errrrr, never mind.

    I'm not sure, but it's making me sad...
  2. thats only for ven '-'
    or maybeh aqua...

    whys that?
  3. Really? I don't have that move yet, but I know it's kinda like Ars Arcanum - which I know is really powerful.
    *decides to get it later*

    Oh yeah, I finished my review, but I can't post it in the Review subforum... D:
  4. Yeah, hes hard. ='3
    but on ah new one i beat him easily uses Arcs Solum.
  5. Yeah, playing Aqua first was a big mistake, I died so many times in the beginning I just never wanted to play the rest of it again, but in the end everything was better.

    I'm just really excited for Ven's story - that is, if I can get passed Master Eraqus as Terra. DX
  6. I havn't done Aqua's or ven, I started weak...
  7. *is still working on Terra's on Proud mode*

    *has finished Aqua on Proud mode*
  8. *just finished Terra's on Proud mode*
  9. Heh, okay. I'll try my best to get the review done as soon as possible.
  10. ='3 I'll be patient miss Saxima.
    >-> besdies I had to restart it since i accidentally corrupted my data...yeeeeeeah.
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