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Conversation Between Saxima and Finale

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  1. *looks amazing while thinking*

    Yeah, I guess you're right. He does make that cut, in a passive sort of way...
  2. Eh. I'd think Axel kinda fills that role. in a weird sort of way..
  3. That's right.
    You know, it's kinda weird they don't have a "fire" character. O_o
  4. Kairi sea = water = Aqua
    Riku = ground/something like that = Earth = Terra (means earth in japanese which is why Hades says it sounds kinda earthy)
    Sora = Sky = wind = Ven
  5. Very.
    And with Aqua...well you're just going to have to die a few times. But at least she's not completely useless since Kairi = Aqua.
  6. I dont like Kairi...soooo useless.
    And yes, im just wondering how i'll survive as aqua.
  7. I thought about saving him until last because Riku = Terra and Riku = my favorite character, but second still isn't too bad. I'm just happy to have gotten Aqua over with. It's usually the female main protagonist that's my least favorite, (i.e. Kairi) but Aqua's not too bad.
  8. I'd say Terra is but im also saving him til last. Best is last.
  9. No, I'm saving Ven for last, I figured since he was kinda the main character of the story.

    Well, I can't actually post in the forum, every time I click "Make new thread" it says I don't have access or something like that...
  10. ^_^' have ya done Ven?

    copy and paste just in case.
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