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Conversation Between Saxima and Finale

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  1. I'll go do that now...
  2. I guess thats ok >_>'

    just do a spoiler alert beforehand .
  3. Oh, is that...bad? DX
    I tried not to give any of the story away...
  4. *sigh*
    Heeey your review is like explaining the game x3
  5. Then...that makes Xion an It. Maybe it's not even that. Maybe it's a figment of our imagination. XD
  6. Eh...shes not even a she.
  7. I guess she was tolerable. She's still better than Kairi, I guess, but still I don't like her.
  8. Eh...Xion was ok.
  9. Axel's like, the all around guy. He know everyone and everyone knows him. (sorta)

    I'm just glad Xion faded. I didn't like her just as much as I didn't like Kairi...
  10. yes and he relates to all of them.

    Riku the least but still they met.
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