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Conversation Between The_Angry_Princess and Kagome

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  1. Happy Halloween!!
  2. Awwww thanks the same to you
  3. Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!! =D
  4. slow...the webby wasn't working for a little while. And now the anime streaming site I was watching isn't working either. lol. just my luck. How are you?
  5. hey Kagome hows life treating you, me has missed you
  6. [color=green]Ou? what'd I miss? [/colo]
  7. heyhey you missed something good
  8. kill her? choke her I dunno...But I definately need to reem her for it.
  9. how you going to do it
  10. getting ready to murder my scheduler tomorrow morning. Woman stuck me on 7 days straight and I have classes and she *knows* I do. So, yeah, she's gonna die. : )
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